Well I got a new phone from Cingular. The z520A from Sony Ericsson.

Whenever I get a new cell phone I fiddle with it for hours............and well this is it:

Reception: Fairly good, better than my razr and better than my husbands V557. Gets reception at my desk when my razr didnt and it souds fairl clear and not like I am talking on a cell phone. My rating 8/10

Gadgets and gizmos: Ooooh this has alot of cool neato stuff. It has lights that light up when it rings and they can be changed to do different lighting options. Nice ringtones......can hear them clear across the house. Sounds like the radio is playing. ITs got a camera (not as good as the razr, but suits me) video camera, bluetooth, infra red, calander, to do list. For me the big thing is the more it does the better My rating on this 10/10

User FriendlyL It is a bit smaller than my razr and so that took getting used to. But it does seem to invite you to use all the options. With my razr I didnt know I could use the bluetooth option for anything other than my bt headset.....but now I am bluetoothing, videos to my husband across the room......Ohhh so fun. everything is orgnized nicely in the menus. My rating here 9/10

Looks: Its small and light clamshell flip phone. The atenna is a bit weird looking and takes away from the aesthetics of it....my rating on this 7-10

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