I just got this phone a week ago as an upgrade from my old 8200. Yes, its a old phone but still nice.


This phone has a very nice screen on it. Only 65k colors, but the resolution and size is very nice, 176 x 220. Not much to say about the outer screen, it does what its supposed to do.


The ringers on this phone sound crazy! This phone has the loudest ringers ive ever heard, even compared to the new phones out right now. It accepts acc(m4a) which sound even better than mp3 and take up less space. If you make your own, you can get them even louder with some tweaking.


Not the best keypad, but looks way better than the other keypads sanyo puts on its phones. Its illuminated in blue, and easy to press the buttons.

Video Camera

The camera is decent. Pictures come out ok in bright light, but very grainy with low light. The camcorder is a little better, compared to the camcorders on other phones. Pictures can be set to low, med, and large. Also has zoom and image enchancing effects.


This phone doesnt have evdo, but regular vision is faster than on previous sanyos.

Build Quality

Built like a tank. This phone can take a beating. Im actually not worried about breaking it if i drop it. The grips make it feel real good and comfortable in your hands.


Nice design. its bascially a hybrid of a 7300/8300. The changeable faceplates are a nice touch.


I love this phone! It may not have the best features out there, but overall its a great phone, especially at the price i got it for. Highly recomened for people who look for durabilty and features in a phone.

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