OK. Before I begin this review, I thought I would explain what I'm going to do with this post. I have just gotten a Razr a week ago and I'm going to do a reveiw on it already. Then in a few weeks, I will add onto this review, to see how things are, and whether I have changed my mind about certain aspects, this will really help those who just want to know how peole love their Razr so much, or how they become to hate, or love it more. So, with that behind us, let's begin.

The Motorola Razr V3, a beautifully crafted object of excellence, bravery, and envy. Whatever it is to you, it is a phone that is like no other. Not once have I ever looked at a cell phone and said, "WOW!, What a beauty". Well, this Razr changes it all. From the polished outer side, to the "chemically etched keyboard" it has it all. Now that I have explained the main reason I got this phone, lets get to the nitty gritty.

This phone is a really good cell phone, if that is what you want to use it for. But, if you want more, then you got it. This phone is packed with tons of goodies to keep anyone happy. From text messages, to IMs (AIM, AOL Instant Messenger), to a WAP supported browser, to Java games and tons of other great things.

The calling quality is great. I can hear other people, and they can hear me. I had a Samsung T509 before this and I could barely hear it, and speakerphone wasn't very good at all. So I switched to another thin phone. The volume is very good, it plays MP3s and 3gp video files and I can hear 'em (I'm partly deaf).

The video quality, as far as I'm concerned is not the best. It plays videos decently, but if you want to play videos get an iPod video, same with the music, but great additions to a phone. And newer Razrs support video recording, but it's not very good, slow framerate at less than 13, so I just stick with taking pictures with it's nice camera. Takes great pictures (for a cell phone) But the new Razr (V3i and up) have a 3megapixel camera, but that is another review...

Playing games on this phone is good too. Java supported games are very fun for someone on the bus who has nothing to do. From Tetris to Bejeweled to Asphalt are just some examples of games. They play nicely, and work well with the Razr's controls. Although, after a little while of gameplay my hands get cramped and I have to switch hands. But viewing the game is very easy with a nice bright display.

The display is big and beautiful. Big and bright. Easy to read all the text and can display a lot of text lines. Pictures don't display as nicely as they could, and full screen mode with pictures isn't possible, so it can be a pain. And the display is very bright and works alongside the bright keyboard that is really different, becuase it's completely flat. It has some ridges so you can tell the keys apart, and you can tell the 5 key, which is good, but, you will notice, those ridges do in fact show up on the display, so you may be wiping it down a lot, if your like me.

Overall, this is a great phone, with tons of features, and I haven't barely covered the Global band, phonebook, and all those, I haven't really used them. But I will tell you in my second review when I do use them. Right now I have covered the basics of this phone. Another great plus for the brave few, this is a very moddable phone (just like the PSP is) So that brings it some customizability, which is a big plus.

So, there is my review for now, and until my next review, i give this phone an 8. For crafted beauty, useability, and reliabilty. Check back in a few weeks for the second part of this review, see if I change my mind on certain parts, or get happier about certain things. Hoped this waived you into buying, or not buying the phone, so ur not on the fence (ouch) still. So, until later, thank you for your time.

Rapmastac1 (Nick)

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