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    This (in my opinion) is a pretty cool phone! It isn't a 3G phone but I've never used either of my last 2 3G phones for videocall so can't say that bothers me.

    Comes with a 2mega-pixel camera,which when used the whole screen is used making it look more like a digital camera than a phone!The quality of pictures is A1 - I tried the camera on the Samsung E780 at the same time and even though they are both supposed to be 2mp cameras the Walkman is ten times better!

    I love the buttons on it, its just a gr8 phone to wap with (and unlike both of my last year's phones Samsung Z107 & Samsung Z500 you CAN use gsm wap on it not just gprs - handy when you still have a genie unlimited wap contract )

    It has all the usual specifications you would expect with a mobile ie bluetooth,infrared etc and also has a mp3/walkman, the pc software is also pretty cool enabling you to download entire music collections onto the phone.

    Games,music and other applications can be stored on the memory card (which comes free with the phone)

    Oh and when you set one of your photos to be the phone's wallpaper you can set it to extended view so it covers the entire screen area

    All round in 16yrs of owning mobile phones its the best one for me personally, but not to say it will be the perfect phone for every1 lol.

    Thanks for reading,
    Mich (BEDAZZLED)

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