This phone is one of the newest (or so I was told) being offered by Cingular Wireless. It has a ton of features and can be enjoyed by both the gadget geek and joe mo who wants a kewl phone.

Some of the features include a MP-3 player, 1.3 megapixel camera, with a swiveling camera lens, and the most kewl can use Cingular Video or Mobiradio, or MobiTV, which allows a subscriber with a 3G tech phone to view entire episodes of shows and clips of news, sports, entertainment and other things.

As a joe mo who was looking for something to replace my new/old crappy phone (sony ericsson z520a) I have found everything I was looking for and more. The interfaces are pretty easy to decipher and the buttons are large and make dialing easy. I can download superfast and I love the fact that I can watch the discovery channel and get a news update from my phone.

The only complaint that I have is LG has this inane ability to suddenly drop my call at a whim. The rep who sold me my phone said LG is notorious for bad reception, and thus far this has proven somewhat true..i.e. i have had a 5 minute call dropped 3 times. Despite this, the phone is awesome and I plan on having a great time with it.

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