The Krzr K1m

As I take the krzr and hold it in my hand I find it comfortable and slick with a streamline appearance that defies cool and/or dapper (from a man’s point of view). The front screen shows off smudges and scuffs and yet you can shave with the mirror finish it has you can tell in the photos. The main screen of the krzr is somewhat smaller than the razr, but sufficient enough for me.

I find having the smart buttons located on the main body when you flip the phone open, accessible and ready to be selected if necessary… I think it’s a little more convenient than having them on the flip open half of the phone and needing to re-adjust your hand for engagement. When you flip open you’ll notice it’s a razr that’s been streamlined with all controls/navigation buttons somewhat smaller that contributes to its compact size and dapper look. One nice feature for the person on the go is pressing down the arrow on the navigation wheel will bring you to a calendar for storing events, appointments, reminders, and logs quickly.

You have an assortment of ring tones as the razr with pretty much the same familiarity of navigating as the razr due to the same software. The camera is sufficient enough to take a quick photo when a 3 or 4 mega pixel camera is not at hand. I was in Atlantic City this weekend and the camera came in handy and shot good enough photos on a moment notice. The battery has some extra life compared to the standard razr battery, but I still think the razr EXTENDED LIFE battery is the way to go for the talkative phone junkie or business phone user… so I hope the krzr comes out with a extended battery, accessories should be available in stores this week for the krzr.

All in all if you have a razr don’t feel left out or degraded with the release of the krzr, unless you’re into to style and appearance that this phone has with the feel of a well-made quality phone in your hand. There is no groundbreaking technology in the Krzr compared to the razr, my daughter has the krzr and I have a razr, and as of now… I find no need to have a krzr other than style and appearance. The krzr appearance will complement a Rolex watch, a Hugo Boss suit, and alligator shoes while walking down Rodeo drive shopping.

This review is after operating the phone for 5 days.

the razr is pictured with a extended battery attached when compared to the krzr.

check out some photos:

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