LG VX8300

I had to purchase two new phones, one for my daughter and one for my wife, my daughter (sixteen) received the new KRZR, my wife not being a cell phone literate or cell phone conscious, I need to evaluate her needs. I needed a phone somewhat stylish with a GOOD battery life and simplicity. She never leaves her phone on all the time so the 8300’s good battery life takes up the slack of her not being conscious of re-charging due to lack of use, someone who uses a cell allot my be more conscious of battery life. She doesn’t need allot of bells and whistles, but for the cost ($79) of the 8300 i can’t go wrong with the extras even though she may never use them.

The camera phone is always a convenient to have on hand… the 8300 provides a flash for dark close up camera shots. The photos/videos are adequate enough for web/email viewing like most mega pixel camera cell phones, the video camera is good enough for capturing video, once again …for web/email. I also like the viewing display feature the 8300 provides on the face screen for viewing a self-portrait.

The buttons on the face of the phone are distinct and touch friendly, but they could be hazardous because of accidental touch or engagement when the phone is either carried in your pocket or pocketbook. When you open the phone you look at elegant simplicity with a stylish color with a bluish purple number illumination. You will also notice when you flip the phone open… the buttons invite you to touch them, they protrude from the face inside the base of the phone with distinction that makes the buttons easy to press without fumbling or miss targeting with your finger. The view screen is good enough for viewing photos, movies, and reading text with ease but is somewhat smaller than the razr.

The 8300 has one design I don’t care for which is the antenna that sticks out the top of the phone, I like the newer phones which carries the antenna within the top or bottom of the phone i.e.… razr, Samsung a990, a930, krzr, or chocolate. The 8300 like the krzr has a convenient/quick navigation that takes you to an event calendar with the press of the down arrow on the navigation wheel, some people may find a quick access to an event calendar very useful. Another great feature the 8300 have is a loud quality speaker for the speakerphone feature as some of the Nextel’s phones have. The button to access the speakerphone lies in the center of the inside face of the dial buttons with a clear icon of a speaker for locating and engaging with the thumb. I like this phone because of what it offers for the price, it’s a great phone that does it all… and does it well.


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