I wanted phone. Not just any phone. I wanted music, games plus a phone and I didnít want to kill my thumbs while playing. I stumbled upon the Nokia N-Gage. A GSM Mobile Phone using the 1900Mhz / 900Mhz / 1800Mhz bands so it can be used on Cingular GSM but it lacks the 850MHz band that Cingular uses for a lot of its coverage so you could lose critical coverage so it is best suited on T-Mobile a 1900Mhz only provider. The N-Gage is also a Symbian Series 60 device which is Nokiaís smartphone operating system, so itís a game system, music player, radio and smartphone!


GSM 900 / GSM 1800 / GSM 1900
TFT 4k Color 176 x 208 pixels
MMC Card Slot for memory expansion
GPRS Data Class 6
MP3 Player
FM Radio
USB Port
Five-Way Directional Pad

The N-Gage is packed full of features, like the MP3\AAC Player the unit produces clear, loud, vibrant sound through the stock headset which also has a built-in microphone, for those quick calls. You store music files on the MMC card that is included with the sales package, mine came with a 32MB card but you will probably need more space for more pictures, games and music. You transfer data through a USB cable and Nokia PC Suite very simple to do this. The radio also produces similar sounding results compared to the MP3 player. Radio reception is very good better than most Nokia radio phones Iíve used (and Iíve used quite a few) you can also store 20 stations in the memory. The gaming portion of the unit is very good it is set up very well, directional controls on the left of the screen and ďAĒ and ďBĒ buttons on the right, like a Game Boyô Advance unit. The graphics arenít the greatest but what do you expect from a mobile phone \ gaming unit? Games are also available on MMC cards alone for about 10-15 dollars you can get games like, Tony Hawk Pro Skater and Tomb Raider on MMC cards. Reception, ah good olí reception, reception was very good on T-Mobile service, the way I test the reception on phones is I go around my bathroom a very fringe area if your lucky you can get a bar or two the N-Gage pulled a steady two bars without being choppy or any static. One thing I must mention is that you must turn the phone on its side and talk on it, I suggest a headset for long conversations because its irritating on your ears. So, overall its good powerhouse of a phone does everything I wanted it to do and then some.

Pros and Cons
+ Itís a Phone
+ Itís a Nokia(thatís a + for me atleast)
+ MP3 Player
+ Radio
+ Great Reception
+ Uses Memory Cards
+ Symbian OS
+ Great gaming setup
+ Great Features
- Side Talking
- No Camera (Could be a Ė for some)
- Screen could be bigger
- Data could be faster
- Graphics arenít the best

Well theres my review of the N-Gage.


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