The a900 is a very good phone all around.
Pros: Just look at it, its sleek, thin, and beautiful. It has a rotating camera so you don't have to close it if you take a picture of yourself. It has the media player buttons on the cover, with the volume rocker and camera button on the sides. The casing is made of metal, so it is a very durable phone. It has integrated bluetooth technology, plays mp3s, and videos.

Cons: The battery will last about 36 hours after a full charge, and $60 is kinda hefty for the extended life battery, though it lasts four times longer. For a phone that has an mp3 player on it, it has very little internal memory. It only has around 50mb. There is also no slot to put a memory card into it.

Overall: Personally, I love the phone, but like any other, you have to think of what you are using for. If you want a phone for the media player, get an a920 instead, it has a memory card slot. If you cant charge it nightly, the a900 is not for you. If you want a great-looking phone that is thinner than the RAZR and has more features than it, and you want great sound quality for your ringtones, the a900 IS for you. So consider everything before buying one, but I am very happy with mine.

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