Several months ago I heard about the release of the new phone from LG, The Chocolate. It had not been released in the US but had been released in Asia and other places. I fell in love with the phone right away. To me, it was one of the nicer phones on the market, it was so streamline and elegant. Definitely a step up in the design of cell phones. Shortly after the release I heard about the two other color options, the pink and the white. I was ecstatic. All I wanted was the White Chocolate. It was the perfect phone for me. It had so many functions but was not overly bulky and annoying. Now I just had to wait to see if it would be released in the US.

I was pretty convinced that The Chocolate would not be released for Verizon. Verizon does not have the best reputation for having very fashionable phones. But I was wrong. The Chocolate got released exclusively from Verizon but only in Black. After a couple more months of waiting I gave up on thinking that The White Chocolate would be released as well but again Verizon pulled one over on me and there it was in the store. And at perfect timing too. At that point I was eligible for an upgrade. My patience had finally paid off.

I had heard so many mixed reviews about the first Chocolate. A lot of people were annoyed with the finger print issues, they showed up too much on the black (just like the black ipod). This is not an issue with the white, you really cant notice any left behind grease from touching the phone. The white gives the phone an elegant look and the rounded edges and smooth shape make it very sleek. One of my favorite features is that you don't have to slide the phone open in order to answer calls, make calls, read text messages and so forth.

I do have two issues with the phone. The sensitivity of the buttons is a bit frustrating and hard to get use to. Sometimes there is a bit of a delay and if your push happy (like me), you often find yourself in a menu different then where you want to be. You can adjust the sensitivity of the buttons but I have not noticed a difference with the delay issue. My other issues is with button size. Im a HUGE text-messager and the key sizes slows me down dramatically, not to mention I am constantly mis-hitting the wrong button. I am sure this will differ for other people but it is a small keyboard and cant text with one hand due to the shape. The phone is top heavy because it slides up and the bottom most feature is the key-pad.

Overall, the phone does stand up to my expectations. It is very easy to navigate which is something I love about LG phones, there is never too many menus. Everything is pretty much one touch away since there is programable hot-keys. If I want I can use it as a MP3 player or download games, so for a long commute it is very handy. It has a slot for a micro SD card for extra removable storage and has a handy music organizer with its own personal button. There are the options of checking email, instant messaging and using the web as well. It is quite the package deal in a small sleek design. It gets great reception and I have not lost a single call. The volume is good too, you'll never miss a call do to not hearing it ring. And for safety purposes, it has speaker phone or Bluetooth capabilities which is nice for when driving.

Okay, I think I have gone on long enough about how I feel about this phone. I personally think the Pro's outweigh the Con's but everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Its a wonderfully functional phone, plus its damn cute!!

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