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Boost Mobile
Southern LINC
Sprint (Nextel)

The i880 is Nextelís answer to the Razr; this update to the i870 is thinner, lighter and more streamlined,
while stepping up to a 2-megapixel camera and loud stereo speakers.

All the basic keypad, functions, and accessories are the same as the i730/ i870
Nextel only offers the i880 in one color: plum

*The i880 supports audio Podcasts.
*The Voice Playback menu controls features that use a simulated voice to guide you through phone menus
and through placing and receiving calls.
*The wallpapers and themes are very nice.
*Phone is equipped with a USB mass storage feature, but it is slow as hell.
*The memory card size is upgraded,
*Battery life and reception is improved.
*Backlit logo flashes for messages.
*The i880 is one of the first Motorola phones with AgION antimicrobial paint to cut down on bacteria and mold,
though this only protects the phone, not the user.

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