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    I got this phone about 3 Months ago and I love it. I was able to get 4 free phones from TMobile with a 1 year contract (3 of them are V360s). It has some really great features:

    - Digital Camera
    - Video Camera
    - MP3 Player
    - Customized Ringers
    - 240 Hours of Talk Time
    - Bluetooth
    - Alarm Clock
    - Speakerphone

    These are the features that sold me on the phone, but there are more. You can go to Motorola V360 Phone (T-Mobile): Cell Phones & Service
    to get more of them and some other reviews.

    Summary of the phone:
    I like this phone because it is sturdy. I am not worried that I am going to grab it roughly and have it snap in half. With some of the really thin RAZRs it would be a worry for me. Another thing I like about this phone is not quite as flashy as some of the others. I hate the RAZR for that reason - it looks too modern. The camera and video recorder are easy to use. There is a butter that immediately turns on the digital camera. You can choose to delete images right after you take them. It has a great alarm clock which is quite reliable. There is a calendar and several games that the phone comes with. If you use with T-Mobile, the other games are very easy to get. It comes with 64MB of memory, but is very easy to upgrade. The speed dialing for this phone is very easy to set up and not really buggy like some of the other phones I have. If you like your own ringtones, it even comes with a decent application (Motomixer), that allows you to mix your ringtones. For wallpaper, it is very easy to set a picture you take with your camera as the background. The quality on the digital camera is pretty good. The video camera as well picks up good sound and is of decent quality and resolution. I only have two things I don't really love about this phone - the volume and messaging system. It just is not very loud. The messaging system is really weird as well. Whenever you miss a call, it will buzz again every 5 minutes until you acknowledge that you missed a call. It does the same thing for any voicemail messages. If you are in a meeting and can't acknowledge the message, it can get pretty annoying. All said and done, the V360 is a great phone for more practical uses.

    See More: Motorola V360 Review
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    Motorola v360 Review

    The Motorola v360 is a superb well-rounded phone. What it lacks in aesthetics, it makes up for in functionality. Now manufactured in two color schemes, blue/silver or pure silver, this flip phone is encased within a durable body that has survived many beatings. On one of my top-roping climbs, I forgot I left my v360 fastened to my belt clip. So, when I shifted my body and the rope moved against my hip, it unlatched my cell phone and sent it flying 20-25 feet down. After my climb, I found it to still be in the same working condition as before, except there were a couple of dents on its corners. Physically, this phone is exceptionally durable. Around its exterior, it has 3 buttons strategically placed. Two on the left, which operates the volume control (top button) and the mp3 player (bottom) while the one of the right allows you to call using voice recognition. This is useful when your phone is connected to a headset, wired or Bluetooth, and you want to make a call without flipping open your phone. The U-shaped design of the phone also allows it to stand up vertically and steadily without tipping over when someone calls you and your phone is set to vibrate. I find this useful to put on my bedside table so when someone calls me while Iím in bed, I can just look over to see who it is without picking up my phone.

    Within the v360 is where its true beauty lies. It is equipped with a VGA camera and a self-mirror next to it if you ever wanted to take a snapshot of yourself, allowing you to take photos up a resolution of 640x480. It can also record videos with sound at a resolution of 176x144, at 20-30 second intervals. A great part of this phone is its ability to hold a removable microSD memory card. The phone is installed with 5MB of internal memory and a 64MB microSD card, which can be expanded. This removable memory card gives you access to easily transfer data, such as mp3 files, pictures or videos, from your computer to your phone and vice versa. The option of a USB cable is also provided if you do not want to use the microSD card adapter. The speaker, located on the back of the phone provides surprisingly incredible sound, for its size, that could fill a quiet study hall at maximum volume. It doesnít have bass, but then again, itís only a cell phone. The removable memory card allows you to import your own custom ringtones, even in mp3 format, so you donít have to purchase ringtones if you know how to clip music files to the parts you like. Works for wallpapers too as long as it is reduced to 640x480.

    The minor details of this phone make it easy to love. Although it vibrates every few minutes on a missed call until you flip open your phone, this problem can be circumvented by pressing any of the 3 outside buttons and the phone will stop vibrating. You can also set the phone to automatically pick up a call after 2, 5 or 10 seconds when attached to a headset. Great for drivers. The cursor arrows can be customized to your liking to lead to different functions of the phone. The sound quality is clear and loud but when put on speakerphone, it may distort the callerís voice. I have had this phone for over a year and I love it. I believe this to be one of the best-valued phones on the market.

    Quick Summary Ė

    Removable microSD memory card allows you to easily transfer files between your computer and cell phone
    EXTREMELY durable, even in extreme sports
    Loud Speaker Volume
    Easily customizable
    MP3 player that can play songs right off your memory card
    Headset and battery charger ports are different so you can plug both in at the same time, unlike the RAZR
    Good Battery Life Ė Tested 3 days on regular talk time and 7 days on standby

    Lacks an innovative exterior style as compared to other Motorola phones
    Cannot take pictures of yourself using the outside viewscreen
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    Re: Motorola V360 Review

    if you like this phone, you should checkout the motorola V365 also