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    After I had an accident threw my e815, I needed new phone (I should add that it was still working after I threw it but it was in pieces). I was so happy with it so I decided to go with the same one. But by that time, they had upgraded it to the e816. Fine by me. I had not gotten to use the SD card with the e815 and I have with this one, and I love it even more. With it, you can extend the video length to 3 minutes and easily transfer things to and from the computer. Even my 8 year old can navigate it, and that is with photos, video, games, music, etc.

    The e815 was silver, and my e816 is black with rubber covering it except for the front window and camera. That's wonderful, because I drop my phone a lot (I'm a busy woman). I had a cover on the silver phone, but I don't need it with this one. I also love how big the screen is. You can change how it looks, make it really your own. The keypad is large too, so anyone will be able to use it with ease. That is one thing I didn't like about the Razr, the keys were too flat for me. The keys here aren't fat or bulky, but they are just right so you can dial with ease. Also the new black e816's keypad is shiny and smooth while the silver e815 had brushed keys. I prefer the smooth one.

    It may just be me, but I have noticed that the battery seems to be lasting longer. That was my one and only problem with the e815. So now I really have no issues. Motorola seems to have thought of everything. When I was using the Motorola Phone Tools and my battery was running out, I noticed that there was a place to add the power plug WHILE transferring data. I was very impressed...

    - large screen and keypad
    - increased battery life
    - easy to navigate
    - rubberized covering
    - great accessories


    * none that I can think of

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