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    Highlite of Features

    • Very attractive ultra thin design
    • 262k colors at 240x320 resolution (Samsungs are known for there vivid screens, the T809 is no let down)
    • 1.3 MP camera w/ zoom, multi shoot, and SUPREB video capture (Will get into that later)
    • MP3 Player w/ MP3 ringtone support
    • Bluetooth
    • EDGE Network
    • Whopping 70 MB internal Memory PLUS MINI-SD Slot

    Firstly let me explain that this is my 6th cell phone, and by far the best in all areas. Not only does this phone get "oooos and awwws", it is extremely feature rich and delivers high quality reception every I have used it. I have dropped this phone more than 5 times and have had people try to use it like a knife and whip it out, still no problems. I've even taken photos for friends who like the picture so much they had me do prints for them.

    The main selling point for me was the built in 70mb of memory as well as the video recorder function. This feature DOES NOT disappoint, you can take movies up to 30 minutes or more depending on your quality setting and the ammount of free memory on your handset. The camera takes hi-res images, 1200x1024 which has very good quality for a camera phone.

    The speaker is a bit dodgy at first, you will have to get used to positioning the top of the handset into your ear just so for good results. This is the worst part about the phone in my opinion.

    The reception/quality is superb, I had absolutely no problems with dropped calls or choppiness.

    The overall features are great. You get movie playback, mp3 playback and ring support, picture and video texts, intuitive and user friendly phone book w/ grouping support, and much much more.

    HUGE Internal Memory
    High quality pictures
    High quality and very long video recording
    Great design


    Speaker takes some getting used to
    You can only use Headphones bought for this phone, big let down
    Screen is always in harms way, a case is HIGHLY recommended
    Unable to use Vibrate and Ring for custom MP3 Tones (As you can see, for me to put this on the cons assures you there is not much wrong with this phone)

    See More: Samsung SGH-T809 Review
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