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    Nokia 6133

    This is a review of the Nokia 6133. Basically this is a copy of the Nokia 6126 with several upgraded parts and features.

    Technical Specifications:

    Network: GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900
    Form Factor: Clamshell
    Dimensions: 92 x 48 x 20 mm
    Weight: 112 g
    Antenna: Internal
    Navigation: 5-Way Keypad
    Battery Type: 820 mAh Li-Ion
    Talk Time: 3.50
    Standby Time: 300
    Memory: 11.0 MB
    Expandable Memory: miniSD


    -Incredible Screen, crystal clear
    -Expandable memory
    -1.3 MP camera
    -Fairly good amount of video capability
    -Flip open button
    -Looks great, thatís always a plus
    -Awesome reception
    -Very compact and lightweight
    -Decently priced
    -Media Player
    -Dependable and user-friendly Nokia interface


    -short battery life, maybe two days
    -Doesnít feel as durable as other nokiaís but its held up good so far
    -Camera could be a little better.
    -Buttons are a bit awkward (makes texting kinda hard)
    -Can set analog and digital clock on inside, but only digital on the outside (external screen).

    Overall, this phone is pretty great. There are only several things that could be improved on. I really like the flip open button. I wish they could have included that on earlier models. The camera isnít the best Iíve seen, but I donít really use it anyway so thatís no problem for me. Nokia is probably one of the better brands out there, most of their phones seem to have good quality. I would go with this phone any day over a Moto or a Samsung. This phone would be perfect if it had better battery life, but you canít get everything. Iíd also like to be able to have mp3 ringtones instead of only the midi ones. The bluetooth feature works excellent and is very fast. If your looking for a phone with great features at a decent price I recommend this.

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    Re: Nokia 6133 Review

    yes you are totally right

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    Re: Nokia 6133 Review

    pretty good except fr the battery life
    I find the battery life pretty high

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