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    Extremely thin and Sexy
    Very Long battery life
    Amazing screen

    Poor Sound
    Keys are very close together
    Poor quality pictures
    No MP3 Support

    Notable Features:
    Only 10.5MB Flash memory
    Dimensions 4.60" x 1.83" x 0.39"
    Camera Resolution: VGA (640 x 480)
    Video Capture
    Speaker Phone
    Messaging Services

    I got this phone about 6 months ago at the t-mobile store. I think I got if for around $100 after getting a contract. The first thing that appealed to me was how thin it was and how it looked to be very strong. I have bought 2 of these cell phones because the first one got washed in the washing machine. The funny thing about that is that at first it didn't work like one would expect, but eventually it began to work fine. The only problem is that the microphone sounds muffled. I still got a new phone and I have of course dropped it many times and it still works great.

    I've gone many days without charging, the manufacturer claims that it gets a whopping 172 hours on standby but only 210 minutes of talk time. With its built in bluetooth I'm able to connect to my laptop and send pictures that I've taken from the phone onto my computer. The problem is that the picture quality is just not good. It goes up to 640 x 480 but the quality just isn't there.

    I remember the first call I made with this phone and the person I was talking to was having trouble understanding what I was saying, this was my first clue that the sound was not good on this phone. Even yesterday I was telling my dad that I was going to play "tennis" and I had to repeat this 6 or 7 times, either he is going deaf or my assumption is correct. The sound quality is not good on this cellphone and often it will for no apparent reason become very quiet to the point where I have to ask the caller to call back later.

    I do a lot of texting and I have problems with how close the keys are too each other. I have big fingers and sometimes when navigating I will hit over and end up going to t-zones. This is a problem that wont effect most but it is a big downside for me.

    Overall this is a very solid phone that looks awesome and never seems to escape that wow factor when someone sees it. The phone feels very solid and it is a good size for fitting in your pocket. The phone has a great design and its buttons are very intuitive for navigation.

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