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    The Kyocera Slider Sonic is by far one of the best phones Virgin Mobile has ever put out on the market. For every music lover out there (with or without an mp3 player) this is the phone for you.

    The basics:
    -phone is pretty small-ish, compact, a bit wide, and sleek.
    -screen is nice and wide.
    -flat keypad with dedicated MUSIC and SPEAKERPHONE buttons

    Now, the PROS:
    -navigation is easy to use (there three display/navigation functions: LISTING, GRAPHICS, AND A "WHEEL")
    -music is easy to upload on phone (comes w/ the usb cable)
    -displays songs very well.
    -easy to slide and easy to close
    -ringtones & music are LOUD and easy to listen to.
    - dedicated camera button on one side, and easy to use transflash memory card. (the higher the memory, the more songs you can hold).
    -YES, you can slide the phone UP for easy call pickup/ receiving a call, and slide DOWN to end a call.
    -games are nice and wide for good use of play.

    Now for the CONS:
    - there is NO bluetooh.
    -there is NO zoom on the camera.
    -screen can smudge easily (so just be careful and wipe it sometimes)
    -mp3 player WONT show songs with characters/words longer than about 30!? in the title OR song.
    -no, you CANNOT use your music files for ringtones (that question is COMMONLY ASKED)
    -not all headjacks work on the phone (such as ipod earbuds)
    -battery is easily used fast when playing a game or music files (if you leave your backlight on for too long)
    IMPORTANT:-when checking your balance, or acessing VXL (virgin XL), kyocera phones tend to STAY on WAP for a bit and dont completely log off, SO, your phone MAY light up randomly and the icon for "data transfering" or whatnot will go away and you WILL have to hit the keyguard lock again (which is the "back" button, OR you can slide up, and slide down to lock the phone again)

    I would give this phone about a 4.5 out of 5 stars because of how well it performs, especially under a great prepaid company. It may not come with EVERY SINGLE PERK people may want now-a-days but its still a great phone to own and to have.

    For some reason, this phone is a bit discontinued in most places (best buy, circuit city, etc, etc), BUT you can still find this phone on places such as,, and of course,

    I hope this review has helped you =]

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    Re: Kyocera Slider Sonic Kx5b (virgin Mobile) Review

    I used to have this phone and I can honestly say it is one of the better phones I have ever had. I never had a single problem with it until I lost it Those who have virgin mobile should look at that phone especially now since the price dropped on it considerably. Of course after I bought it

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