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    I received this phone through a promo for a prepaid cell phone for tweens for my son. I guess that's why the company chose this phone. It's basic looking, but has the features any kid would want: camera, speakerphone, text messaging, bluetooth capability, streaming video, ringtones, etc. And it came with the usual cell accountrements: A/C cord, battery, headphones, manuals, etc.

    It's got a big keys to use to dial, that could be a good thing. I know with my nails sometimes I can make mistakes. Not with those keypads! There's not much to say about the phone, but if your Mom or Dad is older and doesn't like cells and yet you want to get them one, try this. It's basic, yet has things they might need anyway. Like if they got in an accident and need to take pics of the damage, they'd have one. It's easy to use so they would probably take to it better for that reason as well as it being easy for kids to use. It's small and light too, so that is a good thing.

    It's not as refined as the other phones out there, it is a bit boxy. But this isn't a phone that anyone would get to show how stylish they are, so that's ok. It also seems to be one of those phones that you can use with multiple companies, so of course that's a plus!

    Pros: easy to use, can be used with multiple companies

    Cons: a bit square

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