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    I have been lucky enough to recently pick up the newest phone in the samsumg collection. This phone boasts a comparable size to the RAZR, but with many additional features.The u740 brings a surprising new approach which varies greatly from the "regular" layout of cell phones. Having a dual-flip form factor, this phone allows for quick text and data messaging.The dual-flip concept is basically allowing the phone to work on a swivel. You can choose to open this phone vertically, much like any other phone on the market. Or, you can open this phone landscape style(shown in the attached picture) and access the full qwerty keypad easier. However, with the added full qwerty keyboard included in this phone, the layout is rather tight and cramped. The buttons are rather small and sometimes lead to problems,with both texting and regular navigation of the phone. As my first month with this phone continues, I am constantly becoming more and more adept to the changes of button size, and they are proving to be less of a hassle then I initially thought.

    Other then the cramped button layout, this phone is amazing. As a popular upgrade, you can add a MicroSD card for extra music and video.This feature is simply wonderful, and has replaced my Ipod as my most used music player.However, along with purchasing the MicroSD card as an upgrade, users will also need to purchase a special connection cord to link the phone to the computer, as one is not included with the phone. Besides the charger and manual, the only additional option included with the original purchase of the phone is a headset adapter to allow for a 2.5mm Headset Jack for easy music listening.Also, the u740 allows you to use V Cast music and video for easy access to a lot of music and video. The u740 also has a 1.3 mega pixel digital camera/camcorder, and is bluetooth capable aswell.

    This phone is highly debatable, so here are my personal pros and cons which I have witnessed in my month of owning this phone.
    - Dual-flip adds style and ease of use in some points.
    - Navigation is basic, but works without problem.
    - Option for the MicroSD card allow you to transform your phone into a music player.
    - 1.3 mega pixel camera/camcorder is very nice and clear.
    - Texting is lightning fast with the full qwerty keyboard.
    - Slim;comparing in size to that of the RAZR.

    - Buttons are small and cramped together, leading to frustration and problems regarding all navigation of the phone.However, users will most likely get used to the change in button size and it will constantly become less and less of a problem.
    - The "swivel" factor leads to feelings of brittleness. Even though I have had no breakage problems yet its still a concern I face.
    - Tan isn't everyones color, and offering a black or silver alternative would increase appeal.
    - Some functions such as games are only offered in landscape mode.

    Therefore, anyone looking for a sleek, RAZR sized texting machine should strongly consider the Samsumg SCH-u740 as the perfect choice.
    Thank you for taking the time to read my review of this wonderful phone.
    Stephen LaPierre

    See More: Samsung SCH-u740 Dual-Flip Phone Review
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    Re: Samsung SCH-u740 Dual-Flip Phone Review

    I don't know why I but I absolutely hate that they put certain characters on the numb lock. Like ? char. I constantly forget to turn off the num lock after typing a ?.

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    Re: Samsung SCH-u740 Dual-Flip Phone Review

    My friend got this phone at the same time I got my new RAZR, he has had to replace his three times.

    I like the way it looks, but compared to my razr I think it is clumsy in terms of function and usability. It takes me twice as long to do anything with it and always feel cramped.

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    Re: Samsung SCH-u740 Dual-Flip Phone Review

    Samsung makes great products when it comes to TVs, but I haven't been impressed by their MP3 players or cell phones. Then again my girlfriend says her old Samsung phone is 100x better than her current RAZR, so I dunno.

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    Re: Samsung SCH-u740 Dual-Flip Phone Review

    Whatever, i stumble up on this fone, just for its dual flip design
    And qwerty keyboard sure is a plus

    May be i should switch to skype phones
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    Re: Samsung SCH-u740 Dual-Flip Phone Review

    Nearly all of the reviews I've read for this phone have been positive reviews. I'm still looking into the purchase (mostly because it's going to cost me $400) and my luck with Samsung's haven't been the best, but as I am an avid texter, I've had my heart set on this phone. A concern of mine is though, about the amount of characters you can send in one text message (right now I can only send 160 characters per message), having a full keyboard, are you able to send more than 160 characters per message? Also, if anybody has bought this phone through Bell Mobility (in Canada), how has your service been? I have very poor service in a lot of buildings and am not sure if it's just my phone, or Bell Mobility itself. Do you get service most places you go?

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    Re: Samsung SCH-u740 Dual-Flip Phone Review

    I've had this phone for about a month and I like it alot. I was previously using the A930, which I liked alot too. I had to replace it though due to a problem I was having and since I had gotten used to, and liked, the Samsung UI; I decided to 'stay in the family' awhile.

    I did the research and liked the 740 the best out of what Verizon had going on, besides any of the smart phones, which I think will be my next one after this.

    I agree with the comments of the size of the keys; what was hard for me to get used to was going from texting using mainly Word (with the interpretive text) to using the QWERTY; mostly it was kind of funky getting used to the layout of the keys, and having to press a key once is GREAT for that exact letter, number, punctuation, etc...except for the number lock key of course. Yeah, it's layed out just like a keyboard, but unless you're a mosquito, there's no way you can type on it using all of your fingers the way you do with a computer. Once you get used to it though, it's pretty cool and the big 'space' key is definitely a nice touch too. You do also have to get used to turning the number key off again, after you realize you just typed a whole sentence that was all punctuation, which at first looks like you're swearing.

    Size-wise it's great and even with the extended battery, it's still pretty light and compact and fits in your pocket with ease. One reason I got the x-battery was to make it a little bulkier, with the regular battery, it was really light and I thought I was going to drop it constantly.

    I haven't used it for any V-Cast stuff yet, I'm still using my laptop for all that jazz. But I have customized some tones and they sound great. Pics and video as well are good. I don't complain too much about that kind of stuff, after all, that's what good cameras are for. When's the last time you went into a camera store and asked the salesperson how the reception is on a certain model? Nuff said.

    I would recommend this phone to anyone who's into gadgetry and it's definitely the next step towards a PDA-ish/Smartphone; and the best part ~ at an affordable price!!
    'And you, music lover, you're next...I have two guns, one for each of ya...'

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    Re: Samsung SCH-u740 Dual-Flip Phone Review

    I bought this phone in late december 2008, and since I've got it, its been pretty decent.
    There are some obvious pros to this phone, like texting with a full qwerty keyboard.

    The keyboard is decent, but I really dislike the "fn" key (Its used for characters like, "?", "!", and ".")
    The countles times I havent been watching what I'm doing, forget to exit out of the "fn" mode, then realize my text is a bunch of symbols and numbers..

    The phone freezes from time to time, which is annoying.

    Another thing is I was fooled into believing I could use all my apps in widescreen mode. It turns out I can with some, but I have to manipulate the phone to do so. (I won't mention how here, if you want to know, PM me)

    Another thing I've noticed, is that this phone is a Java phone ( ),
    but some apps give me Runtime errors. for example, the Gmail app for North american phones didn't work, so I tried the European version and not it works fine.

    Another thing friends have asked me about this phone is how good is the camera. It's 2.0 Megapixel, however, if you move the camera at all, it will be the most blury photo you've ever seen.

    So, my overall for this phone is: It's a good phone, if you're willing to have some problems along the way. Worst case, I've had to go to a Bell Mobility Store(Im Canadian, Eh?) and have them back up my contacts then factory reset the phone.

    OVERALL: 5/10

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    Re: Samsung SCH-u740 Dual-Flip Phone Review

    The SCH-U740 is Samsung's answer to an all-in-one PDA, mobile phone and email messenger seeks to deliver a slew of multimedia options. Users can switch comfortably between the U740's two opening methods: portrait mode, or a standard clamshell, and a landscape mode which reveals its QWERTY keyboard.

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    Re: Samsung SCH-u740 Dual-Flip Phone Review

    Did you take that straight off the samsung web site?
    And, do you even own one?

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