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    got this phone from mobilecityonline store, $422 after tax
    the first imperssion is the beautiful QVGA LCD, and, yes, it's gray, that is able to show clock when the phone is idle!
    the phone looks bulky, but pretty comfortable to hold (elastic-like feeling), the 3.2 mpx cam lens is covered by sliding cover (sorry, but the bulge deducts the looking)
    the earpiece and speakerphone was awful low at first, but after flashed to R1KC001 (K790a hardware with K790i Hong Kong fw, 850 band is still there!), the earpiece, microphone, and speakerphone are better (if you want to flash through wotan, make sure you buy 2 credits, one of them is for EROM upgrade)
    the cam is pretty good, the ONLY thing missing is Optical Zoom, the pic is pretty good as 3.2 mpx cam, pretty little color noise on white background when taking pic indoors, macro mode does the job pretty well, the pic is clear, no blur with opject is 5cm away, normal indoor lighting
    the phone reception is good, though it's not good as Z710i, which sticks the antenna out as a loop on the top back
    the phone has pretty good battery time, it has up to 5 hours real world talking time (it uses BST-33 battery)
    on audio player, it can play mp3, real (.rm), wma, asf (rename the extension to .wma), and streaming realaudio, which is still used by BBC (unlimited GPRS required to play), it supports wireless headphones, but it's recommended to go to bluetooth menu to connect to the headphone prior playing
    the a2dp has no problem with ALL wireless headphones I have
    itech R35
    Grandvue Muses 801 (both 1.2 and 2.0 versions)
    Plantronics 590
    Logitech "broken headband"
    Bluespoon Spider
    bluetooth works pretty well like other SE models, but it's recommended to use bt ver 2.0 headset/headphone to ensure the connection quality
    the address book is easy to manage, and you have an option to backup the address book to M2 card (the phone supports up to 32GB M2 if it's available)
    the smart Q9 is simply the best, on both Chinese and English part, for example, if you want to input "homestreetboy" you can input 4663, move the stick to right, then input 787338, move the stick to right again, and input 269
    messaging has several options: SMS, MMS, email, RSS, but there's one thing I don't like is the phone doesn't show the receipent record until you finish the message
    call quality is pretty good with R1KC001 fw, the other side can hear my voice pretty clearly, and the earpiece is louder than ever
    the included browser can display HTML with few exception
    pretty good LCD and camera (with real xenon flash)
    good calling sound
    wireless headphones support
    good battery time
    pretty comfortable with big hand
    good reception
    tri-band, esp there're more and more quad-band models are out, and cheaper
    M2 card (PSP card is cheaper)
    cam bulge
    joystick (questionalbe on durablity)

    See More: SonyEricsson K790 review

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    Re: SonyEricsson K790 review

    Wow, I have to check that one out! I've always been in love with SE phones.

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    Re: SonyEricsson K790 review

    It's definately an excellent phone

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    Re: SonyEricsson K790 review

    We carried this - but very briefly - this was a rare model since its release. Close suggestion would be the K800. Need help / suggestion - let us know.

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    Re: SonyEricsson K790 review

    Now, Sony Ericsson K790i has been unveiled and is a variant of the Sony Ericsson K790a. But it has the same design and features except that it is a triband (GSM 900/1800/1900) world phone.
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    Re: SonyEricsson K790 review

    One thing I like about SE phones is that they are so easy to use and their picture quality from 2 megapixel upwards is amazing.

    When I use to have the SE K750i (2 megapixel) my brother had the Samsung D900i (3.2 megapixel) my phones picture quality was better in daylight including at night. So I might have a HTC now but I will forever be a SE fan!

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    Re: SonyEricsson K790 review

    i would buy it just for cam itself O.o

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    I personally like sonyericssion and specially K790. I think the said cell phone have best features in cell phone world. Its talk time, its battery timing, its shape. It looks always very cool.

    James White

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    Re: SonyEricsson K790 review

    Sonyericsson is always cool,i like!

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