Lets start from the outside and work ourselves into the technical parts later.
First, the phone itself has a new great design.
They have easy MP3 controls where your thumb will be placed on the phone.
The design is slick and slim.

It is a slide phone so the camera doesnt move at all, but you can set the camera to to rotate 180 degrees back and forth.

Now, lets talk about the Nokia 5300 program.
The Nokia 5300 has a clean and easy to navigate interface.
This phone has an updated and renovated music player which allows the user to create playlists and sort their music library.
Next, they support FLASH wallpapers.
They have also included the A2DP to allow the use of bluetooth headsets now.
It also has better security on JAVA and has a mini USB socket.

The phone has great reception, but I was most amazed by the music player.
It has great music playback and does not lag when searching for music.
The 5300 also has a java app mixer to change the bass and quality of the sound.
However, custom skins are not available right now.
The 5300 also comes with a headset to encourage the use of the music player.

The camera has a 1.3 MP which shows no increase in this new model, but 1.3MP still shows great picture quality.

Pre-installed programs and games include Pro Snowboard and Snake 3.

This is the phone to get for phone and music multiuse.

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