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    The Samsung SGH-C417 is a budget phone currently available from Fido for either prepaid service or for monthly packages. It is currently selling at $0 with a three-year agreement or $200 with prepaid service. It features a VGA camera, an exterior blue screen that displays the time and caller ID, and Bluetooth technology. Another great phone offered by Samsung, a simple and easy to use phone.

    Call quality is great on this phone, nice and loud and the speaker is quality, but perhaps too sensitive as it picks up a lot of background noise. It is a GSM 850/1900 phone, typical for a phone offered by Rogers or Fido. I received around four signals of reception with the C417 in my house, the same reception I get with my Sony Ericsson K550. Good signal strength, above my standards but again, Fido is known for offering phones that give exceptional signal strength.

    The VGA camera takes horrible photo’s, because of the lack of Autofocus and the poor resolution size. When I put them onto the computer, they were blurry, but I shouldn’t expect much from a budget phone. Takes video’s in QCIF resolution (176 x 144), which quickly uses up the internal memory. The Bluetooth technology in this phone was definitely worse than I expected it to me, as it only accepts Bluetooth for headset connection, and it doesn’t allow the phone to receive or send files over Bluetooth.

    The battery life of the phone was the best Samsung battery I have ever tried. Perhaps due to the fact it didn’t have a high megapixel camera or any extraordinary features, it could finally focus on the task of receiving and making calls. I got around a week of standby time before, but that was with little to no use of the phone. When you need to charge the battery with the phone, simply plug the charger in the side.

    The user interface of this phone was moderate, definitely not anything superb or horrible. Simply press menu and you have access to the functions of the phones, such as gaming, phonebook etc. The phone is barely customizable as you cannot change the themes, only change the Wallpaper. I was expecting a more quality screen as viewing pictures etc are definitely below par. The build quality of the phone was better than I expected, as it is made out of hard plastic on the outside. The antenna on the outside is annoying, as not many phones have one now. It is around 16mm thick, good size for a flip. As I am not a picky person on keypads, I got used to the keypad easily, and started to like it after a while.

    I would like to see Samsung prove themselves more in the flip market, perhaps making a flip with the features they have on their sliders. If they keep up the good battery life and reception, look forward to seeing Samsung being contenders in the flip market in the near future. Great little phone, perfect phone for people who don’t need the nice camera, MP3 player and all the things that come with phones nowadays, but just a phone that does what its supposed to do, make and receive calls. Thumbs up to Samsung for taking a chance and heading in this direction.

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    Re: Samsung SGH-C417 Review

    looks liek a decent phone

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