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    The Samsung D807x is only exclusively available through Rogers, and is a luxurious and high class phone of 2006. The 1.3 Megapixel camera is a first of its class and takes video’s at quality at CIF quality. There is also a MicroSD card slot that is only available on the D807x, not on the D800. It came with a 512MB MicroSD card, so it was enough for storing a few albums and taking photos. The D807x in my test has not been able to support the 4GB MicroSD cards so the maximum is 2GB.

    I will first start with the keypad, of the D807x. The keys are extremely easy to use, but have been changed to individual keys in the successor, D900. Some people will not like it has 3 keys as one, and you have to be precise. I can get used to many keypads in a short time so your experience may be different. You can answer a phone call without sliding it open, which was a nice thing for me. Once you slide it open, it reveals the 1.3MP Camera, which protects it from wear when not being used.

    The camera on the D807x performed well in outdoor shots, but was poor in indoor shots due to the fact it had no flash. With proper lighting however, it does an amazing job for a 1.3MP camera. For me, the camera quality was not good enough as I take a lot of pictures, and often use my phone’s camera. Next to the camera lens is a mirror, for taking pictures of yourself.

    A major reason many buy this phone, including myself, is its attractive looks. Its black finish outlined by the chrome makes it a wonder, and will definitely be noticed. It is only 14.5mm, so it fits perfectly in your hand and in your pockets. The beautiful 176 x 220 screen takes up a large part of the phone, and is very stylish. User interface is subjective, but I found it required a few extra clicks to find your files and contacts. Hard to install Java applications onto the phone, allows you to set your own wallpapers and screensavers, a typical interface. Nothing special for me, but Samsung must like it as it is still being used in the D900 and U600 models.

    The battery of Samsung’s in my experience, have not been good. And the D807x is no exception. The first day I got my phone; I charged it and got on to playing with it. Listened to the MP3 player played some games and by the evening the battery was drained. Since I do this with all my phones, you can put it to 50% screen brightness as that makes it more energy efficient. And for myself, I think the screen is still too bright. Also, very hard to read under direct sunlight.

    Rogers is known for having phones that have good reception and good quality, and the D807x is no exception. I could clearly hear my friend on the other line, and he even thought I was talking on a land line because of the clarity. When the phone rang, I could definitely hear it but the vibrate in my opinion, was slightly soft. Also, Rogers disabled MP3 ringtone’s, but that isn't a problem for me as I am not picky about my ringtone.

    The MP3 player on this phone is good, a clear and attractive skin and it is also used on its successor, the D900. It divides it into a few groupings, and is actually quite basic. I prefer more complex MP3 players, but it still did its job. The sound coming out from the headphones were quite good, but through the external speaker it was nothing near spectacular. Buzzing and static can be heard when played through at the top volume. Expected more from the exterior speaker.

    Overall, the D807x is mostly a phone for looks, for people who sometimes listen to their MP3 Player, and occasionally use a camera. This is a Ferrari among phones in looks, and is definitely attention grabbing. Its main contender is the W810, and there is serious competition between these two phones, and I chose the Sony Ericsson over the D807x, because the D807x camera is not good enough and the W810 also has a Walkman player on it. Samsung I believe is definitely a leader in the slider market as they currently have the thinnest sliders with the best capabilities, and the upcoming G600 with the 5 megapixel camera will really show that Samsung is the world leader in sliders.

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    Re: Samsung D807x Review

    Hi JoshHC,

    How do you get copies of all these phones to test? I see you have posted multiple reviews.

    Your review is well written and illustrated with photos. The conclusions are good and to the point. I linked to it here on my site: Samsung SGH-D807 Reviews and Information.

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    Re: Samsung D807x Review

    Cool this can help me

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    Re: Samsung D807x Review

    Very interesting review, very helpful to me cus I'm not very common with Samsung.