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    This is my review for the Motorola V555 cell phone.

    This is one of the many Motorola phones that I have owned and I have been pleased with all of them except for this one. First off though, I will start off with the pros of owning this phone. One feature that I really liked is the Multimedia option in the toolbar. It has all the features that may people could need. It has themes, sounds, videos, and pictures all in one easy place to find and use them. It even had a direct links to the camera and MotoMixer, which is a feature that can be used to make your own music and ringtones. I also liked the weight and feel of this phone, it doesn’t weigh a lot and feels comfortable in your pocket.

    Now for the cons: I’ll start off with the minor cons and go on up from there. First of all the camera and video camera did not seem to be well made. The pictures and videos always came out looking bad and blurry, and never seemed worth the effort to take a picture or video. Another feature I disliked was the capacity of the phone book. I could only hold up to 100 contacts which was not only the fact that I had pictures and videos using up my cell phone memory, that was the set amount. Even for the text messaging, you could only hold up to 25 messages in your inbox, and delete from there, or you wouldn’t receive another message. The final and biggest problem was the amount of service the phone was able to receive. Most of the time I didn’t get any service or my phone would say I have service, but the service would cut out while I was dialing the number. This is not because of my plan or SIM card, I put the SIM card in other phones and they worked fine, it was just this phone. I would definitely not recommend buying this phone, and give it a 3/10.

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    Re: Motorola V555 Cell Phone Review

    I absolutely hate this phone..LOL

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    Re: Motorola V555 Cell Phone Review

    The video quality is Brutal on that phone, not to mention how it looks on the ouside.

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    Re: Motorola V555 Cell Phone Review

    Thanks for this great review. I had looked at this phone, but the saleperson was vague about features. So I came up here to see if anyone had reviewd it. Lo and behold here you are. I appreciate you telling us that there are some good points along with the bad points.

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    Re: Motorola V555 Cell Phone Review

    lol you call that a phone

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