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    Re: Nokia N73 Review

    The N73 is boring. There- I said it. IT WAS ON ALL OF YOUR MINDS!

    I don't need every other cellphone to be revolutionary, but this incremental addition baloney is like jailbait. This phone does nothing to distinguish itself from the masses. Obviously the build quality is going to be good (it IS an N-Series) and syambian is one of the most potent platforms available, but really what makes this phone special? It's shlocking a bunch of of mildly above standard features into a candybar and calling it a day.

    Hype? What hype? The screen is below average. The camera is lagging in todays market (did you see that 12MP Ericsson?) Symbian is in need of an overhaul in order to stay viable for the future. The internal memory is almost like Nokia is mocking us... There is nothing to make this phone a winner besides the fact that it has a decent skill-set at an allright price (still a little too much for what you get, IMO.) Its only saving grace is COLORS! Ohhhhhh, colors... Not since the mid-sixties has color been so improtant (at least in Finland it seems.)

    This phone is a bore. It's a hack job and Nokia has better in them. There is a reason they're #1, but the won't be able to keep up if they keep phoning it in.

    The N96? HUGE screen, great memory, decent camera, TV capable, fun kickstand. It (at LEAST) doesn't blend in. The N85 (and now 86) have INCREDIBLE screens, and are probably two of No's best sliders. The N95 was a BEAST in it's hey-day, the N97 looks to repeat that... so what the hell is this boring filler phone doing in their line up?

    I for one am absolutely disappointed. It gets a 3/5 a 5/10 a C+ On a scale of Richard Simmons to Mickey Rourke it gets a French Stewart...

    See More: Nokia N73 Review

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    Re: Nokia N73 Review

    Quote Originally Posted by underoath08x View Post
    indeeeeeed :P

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    Re: Nokia N73 Review

    Nokia N70 and N73 are the best selling N series handsets till date.Both have good multimedia features but their selling point is high quality Camera.
    N70 has become outdated as it is based on the old Symbian Operating System 8.1 which means its applications are not compatible with the latest Symbian OS 9.1 as seen in N73.N70 has also got a poor screen resolution(176x208) than N73(320x240).
    N73 has excellent high resolution display with big, 2.4 inch screen.N73 has got outstanding camera with carl ziess optics and autofocus which eliminates the need to carry stand alone digital camera.But the video recording is somewhat disappointing as compared to DVD quality recording on N95 and N82,but at this price tag you can't expect more.
    The audio quality of N73 is quite good but the 3.5 mm jack is missing!The audio quality of normal edition & music edition is same as there are no changes in the hardware.
    So, out of the two N73 is the clear winner.It is a bit costlier than N70 but is worth the price.N70 will soon get discontinued so there is no point in buying this phone at present.

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    Re: Nokia N73 Review

    Nokia N73 looks truly elegant and stylish unlike the previous N-series phones. This is really nice and exhaustive review on the phone. Thanks for uploading the images as well.

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    Re: Nokia N73 Review

    Having a Nokia N73. Cool handset with great features of Music and Photo capturing. Finding some king of newsense with the light sensor during night time. While sleeping the light from the handset irritates. The other issue is that the hand set is very slow. Takes too much time to get into the phonebook, and mamking calls.

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    Re: Nokia N73 Review

    The phone looks pretty good but I have seen better.

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    Re: Nokia N73 Review

    i need 5 posts asap, also i be drunk.
    i need power rangers ringont

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    Re: Nokia N73 Review

    i use n72 but i like n73 so much

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    Re: Nokia N73 Review

    me, too...

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    Re: Nokia N73 Review

    I have Nokia N73 handset from last three months.Its working really nice.
    The battery back up is excellent with sober look.This is also not so expensive can be affordable.
    This is really on of the great mobile phone i have ever seen.
    Well thanks for the reviews.

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