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    The Voyager

    Well, Iíll start with the appearance, great looking phone and feels well in your hand. The size is on the lager side as cell phones go, but I did match it up against my krzr and there wasnít that much of a difference considering what the voyager has or offers. The voyager has to be recognize about where to carry it i.e. Pants pocket, top pocket, pocket book, pouch, hip case, or carry bag. You will know that your carrying it, the voyager will not blend into your attire. As your carrying your voyager, it has a Manuel slide lock on the side of the phone that prevents accidental touch of the face screen that may cause accidental calling. Appearance can be alter with personal photos and banner text which comes under ďcool phoneĒ for you young-ins.

    The size of the voyager feels great in your hand when your typing, making a call, snapping either a photo or video, or using the touch screen. The inside screen is a good size for viewing fonts, photo, videos, or applications. The keys are large enough to type even if you have large fingers like I do, I find Blackberrys and some cell phones have keys way to small for me, and I mean ridiculously small. A person that uses emails, text messaging, or just needs to use the keyboard, will find it to be the best along with the inside screen for viewing your text. When dialing a phone number from the face screen, the numbers on the screen are big enough for punching in the number your calling.

    Over the years cell phones got smaller and smaller until we add the capabilities of what a cell phone can do, now the cell phones are getting bigger, not to big, but bigger since key boards, TV viewing, videos, and maps were added, and the consumer wantís the big phones due to their capabilities. Remember when small was in and large was out. The features and capabilities on the voyager are great and there are way too many to talk about, and useless as far as my needs are concern, but this phone allows you to do many things once you master their navigation.

    I snap a photo which came out great, clarity was good in the 1200 size, and then I navigated the photo to my email address and sent it with no problem. Another feature worth mentioning is that you can attach more than one photo to a email which is great. I do take photos with my phone so the camera features on a cell is important to me. Photo size and resolution are adjustable for personal preferences like most camera phones. Thereís no flash on this phone, I donít no why, maybe a battery thing, but if I need to take pictures in dark areas then Iíll take a digital camera with me, the base of a cell phone is making and receiving calls, so the most important features to me are the ones that support phone calls.

    Using the video camera is also a great feature when that moment comes and you want to shoot a video but you donít have a digital video camera. The video camera on cell phones are a crunch time tool, donít think you have quality video for keeps-sake, for a magic moment or a computer and internet viewing, the voyager video camera works fine. Iíve taken good pictures with my razr cell phone camera, the voyager camera wonít let you down, but if you go to print large photos, cell phone cameras fall short in the clarity department. I did shoot a 30 second video (in 320x240) with the voyager, sent it to my computer by way of email with no problem, and opened it in quicktime, great, I had a video that I needed when no digital video camera was on hand. The clarity was good when I viewed it in the default size, when I started to expand the quicktime screen, the clarity started distorting. In all the voyager video camera does a good job, I have no complaints as long as I donít forget ďits a cell phone videoĒ

    The speaker on the voyager are great, video sounds great and so does the GPS voice directions. GPS on cell phones is my next important feature after the phone call, this is a great application with verizon, With the navigator application you always have a GPS unit with you, you donít need those bulky visual dash board units costing $300, verizon navigator cost 9.99 and month unlimited use or 2.99 for a 24 hour access. If you donít really use GPS but may need it occasionally the 2.99 for 24 hour access is great. When you enter your destination in GPS you also can get traffic conditions on the roads you have to take and updates when you take wrong turns or miss turns, the GPS feature on cell phones are vital as far as Iím concern and the voyager delivers.

    I have dabbed in the email program and the voyager offers gmail, verizon.net, AOL, yahoo, hotmail, and other email programs. I use apple so I have to investigate the email application which is not near the top of my list of things to do on a cell phone because I donít find my emails being that vital to me. If emails play a big part in your life and or business, the voyager seems to deliver. I will not get a iphone because at&t is use as itís carrier, and if Iím not mistaken the iphone does not support GPS.

    In all the voyager is good, real good as my daughter and I use it, and I donít need most features it offers. If your a iTunes person or a Mac user, forget about playing music, keep your iPod handy, maybe a geek out there has a way to play iTunes on the voyager. Yes, the voyager is bulky, but it does everything, TV, music, email, internet, text, GPS, video camera, snap shot camera, photo gallery, bluetooth stereo and so on. Little by little all the tech stuff out there are being squeeze into one device and as time goes on quality of all tech stuff will improve, but for now you have the voyager, enjoy.

    Where will we be five years from now?

    The LG Voyager 6000....

    See More: LG Voyager Review, As I Used It

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    Re: LG Voyager Review, As I Used It

    None of your pictures work. But the discription has been very helpful. Im can't decide if i realy want it though.

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    Re: LG Voyager Review, As I Used It

    Is this for ATT or Verizon?

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    Re: LG Voyager Review, As I Used It

    The LG Voyager is exclusive to Verizon Wireless.


    The Apple iPhone, which was also referred to in the article above, is exclusive to AT&T within the United States.


    Quote Originally Posted by raluckcuck View Post
    Is this for ATT or Verizon?
    Send Nick a PM

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    Re: LG Voyager Review, As I Used It

    great review...thanks!

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    Re: LG Voyager Review, As I Used It

    The voyager is a nice phone, but I wish games would be easier to play on it

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    Re: LG Voyager Review, As I Used It


    Can you reload the photobucket pictures? I can't seem to view them...

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    Re: LG Voyager Review, As I Used It

    The voyager is a really nice phone with a stylish and chic look. This is a nice posting with a lot of details. Thanks for sharing the image as well.

    Cell Phones

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    Re: LG Voyager Review, As I Used It

    Like many people who live in Verizon country, I have eagerly awaited the carrier's latestóand definitely greatestófeature phone, the LG VX10000 Voyager. Yesterday UPS dropped it off, and I've been playing with it constantly ever since. It is a powerful thing, ambitious in that it combines much of what we like about both the iPhone and the BlackBerry into a single compact system. But it has flaws that make it hard for me to give the highest marks, especially with an after-rebate price tag of $300.

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