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    Nokia being the world leader in mobile telecommunication has brought a new and most advanced cell phone in its N series portfolio. You can call the Nokia N95 as a business or multimedia phone. Endowed with 3G technology, multimedia, advanced camera and external memory card – the phone is all set to please you in every aspect.


    The dual slider phone is very intuitive – when you slide up the phone, user-friendly keypad is displayed and when pushed downward, you can access media keypad. As far as media keys are concerned, it could have been placed on the side of the keypad, there is no need for a separate media keypad, as there are few buttons on that.

    On the side of the phone, you can see camera button and another button that allows you to directly browse the gallery. On the other side, you can see options like microSD slot, the infrared port, AV outlet and speaker. The camera lens is located on the rear side. However, the camera display is brilliant – it has 2.6-inch display with a resolution of 320x240 pixels and 16 million colors. Though the Nokia N95 is considered as the most advanced phone, yet it has similar resolution to that of E – series phones.

    Cell phone features:

    The Nokia N95 is endowed with several advanced features, but I would like to start with display. Yes, you can use the phone in either portrait or landscape mode. When you slide out the media keypad, the screen automatically changes to landscape mode. So, while watching videos or browsing the Internet, you can enjoy the real view.

    Business features:

    From business point of view, the Nokia N95 offers a gamut of features such as QuickOffice and allows you to access Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc. The phone also features PDF viewer and Zip software. In addition, the cell phone has Series 60 OS and you can download new applications easily.

    In addition to the above features, the phone features basic functions such as notes, reminders, and calculator, etc. The Nokia N95 lacks does not have a business card reader.

    Multimedia feature:

    The sound quality of the Nokia N95 music player is really awesome. The EQ is quite intuitive and you can adjust it easily for fine-tuning. In addition, the 3.5mm AV jack is really good. And if you are using the Nokia microphone, you can attend calls while listening or watching videos.

    Camera feature:

    The Nokia N95 offers a high quality 5.0 MP camera. It has an auto focus Carl Zeiss Lens and also comes attached with LED flash, but it has no optical zoom as the Nokia N73. Camera quality is really good and if you want to take close up pictures then the Nokia N95 is really good.

    Technology and Phone Memory:

    The phone technology has really been upgraded. The Nokia N95 runs on Symbian OS 9.2. It’s a real Smartphone and comes equipped with HSDPA (3.5G) for fast downloading. It also has EDGE connectivity. The RSS feed feature keeps you updated with the latest news and other things. In addition, the Nokia N95 also supports push email.

    As far as Internet connectivity is concerned, you can use either EDGE or Wi-Fi. The phone also offers VOIP feature that allows you to call on the Internet. The phone also offers Bluetooth and GPS services. As far as phone memory is concerned, the Nokia N95 has 160MB of internal memory, and comes with 1GB external card. So, download more music, videos and games without worrying about phone space.


    The Nokia N95 cell phone has Li-ion 950 mAH battery. But it is the bitter truth that the phone battery really sucks. With numerous business and media features, a low quality battery is really the problem. The batter only gives you 5 hours of talk time, which is really not up to the mark.

    Phone Specifications:

    · Network: Quad band, GPRS, EDGE, 3G HSDPA

    · Dimension: 99x53x21 mm, 120g

    · Memory: 160MB internal memory, MicroSD card (1GB)

    · Media: MP3, AAC, FM, 3GP, MP4, Voice Recording, TV-Out

    · Camera: 5MP with Carl Zeiss Lens, Autofocus, VGA, Srcondary CIF Videocall camera

    · Connectivity: USB 2.0, Bluetooth, A2DP, IR, GPS receiver, QuickOffice, JAVA MIDP

    · Battery: 220 hours stand by, 5 hours of talk time

    See More: Nokia N95: The most advanced cell phone ever
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    Re: Nokia N95: The most advanced cell phone ever

    I have this phone for over the year. Its pretty expensive, but powerful computer/phone. N95 is not a toy, its great business toll for serious people.

    Camera photos an video clips are at high quality level, memory of phone is rely enormous, you need to bee a real maniac to fill out 8 GB of memory.

    Making a call with this baby is a real pleasure, it never drop calls.

    Beside those I have mentioned, this phone has a ton of other useful features, but these are the most valuable to me.

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    Re: Nokia N95: The most advanced cell phone ever

    great cell but heavy on the pocket

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    Re: Nokia N95: The most advanced cell phone ever

    my friend has one of these and their pretty killer but way to expensive for me

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    Re: Nokia N95: The most advanced cell phone ever

    tough call between this and an iphone

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    Re: Nokia N95: The most advanced cell phone ever

    Wow Nokia N95
    nokia is alway advance

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    Re: Nokia N95: The most advanced cell phone ever

    hey friends,

    i found some major difference between nokia N95 and N96, before some
    time i also say that N95 is best advance phone but after launch N96
    so many advance features found, first major features is nokia N96 is dual
    band HSDPA phone as compare N95 is single band, second one is Mobile TV DVB-H receiver is attached into N96 and in camera flash is a dual-LED in the N96 while in N95 single LED, so i hope N96 is more advanced phone compare to
    N95, and more info about cell phone reviews, visit this site:

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    Re: Nokia N95: The most advanced cell phone ever

    I really like mine, the built in voip is a really handy feature!

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    Re: Nokia N95: The most advanced cell phone ever

    Yeah, I would say that it's a little too big for my tastes.

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    Re: Nokia N95: The most advanced cell phone ever

    let this stuff be my dream, and i must work hard to get this and must get this
    until now, i haven't see any other cellphone with "super" complete feature like this N95. Anyway, i agree that this "things" quiet heavy in pocket
    Cellphone freak

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    Re: Nokia N95: The most advanced cell phone ever

    looks a little odd to me.
    and huge.

    nokia's are pretty good phones.

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    Re: Nokia N95: The most advanced cell phone ever

    I want this phone

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    Re: Nokia N95: The most advanced cell phone ever

    its great cell

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    Re: Nokia N95: The most advanced cell phone ever

    N95 has become so popular because it was the first 5 MP camera phone from Nokia with great multimedia capabilities and latest connectivity features.But in the current scenario there are better options than N95 with nearly the same price tag.
    I would suggest N82 instead of N95 as it has got Xenon flash and 128 Mb RAM.N95 has only 64 Mb RAM which is insufficient for multitasking.The battery life of N95 is also poor than N82.
    If you're a hardcore N95 fan than go for the 8 Gb model,but remember you won't get the Xenon flash and there is no memory card slot which means slow data transfer rate through data cable and no means of expanding the memory.
    I won't suggest the newer models such as N79,N85 and N96 because the 3D graphics accelerometer is missing from all latest Nokia Smartphones, i don't know why!

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    Re: Nokia N95: The most advanced cell phone ever

    Nokia N95 can indeed be termed as one of the most advanced cell phone that has come in the market. No doubt it is so costly. But it looks very stylish and elegant. Thanks for posting all its features in so much detail.

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