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    A few years back, when the mobile industry was slowly and gradually blooming there used to be a competition between all brands to launch models that were small and sleek. Things are a bit different now. The fight is now based on technology. Those brands are now having fierce completion to provide all the high end technologies in their phones. In other words they are trying to convert the mobile handsets into mini computers. The positive side to this is that the mobile industry has even succeeded in it.

    The only technological innovation that was not implemented was having a mobile phone that can compete with any dedicated digital camera. However, Nokia has fulfilled this wish as well with its new Nokia N86 mobile with 8MP of camera. Starting that this phone can also be called as the camera phone, as it does not lack anywhere behind a dedicated digital camera in terms of features and resolution. Let's check out some of its unique camera features.

    Camera Features:

    N86 fulfills all the requirements that a good digital camera should have with its wide range of camera features.

    Resolution of the camera:
    The camera of Nokia N86 is of 8 mega pixels that might be even much more than the present digi cam at your home. The actual resolution of the camera stands at 3264X2468 pixels that give you images of excellent quality that can be printed up to size of 8 X 10 inches.

    Lenses and Zoom:
    The phone has the top notch Carl Zeiss Tessar lenses with digital zoom of 20x that helps to capture even the distant images with precision and technology. The high quality lens in the camera is one of the main reasons for the good quality of pictures that are taken.

    It has the latest dual LED camera flash which is much improved than the Xenon flash. Its third generation flash helps to capture the images in all types of light conditions.

    Other Technical Specifications:
    Beside the basic camera features other technical specifications of the N86 camera includes CMOS Sensors, focal length of 4.61mm, focus range from 10 cm to infinity, macro focus of 10 to 50 cm, it also has large and multiple aperture that includes F2.4,f3.2,F4.8 . The exposure range of the camera is wide and the wide angle optics range at 28mm.

    User Friendly features:
    For the convenience of the user the camera of the phone has various user friendly features that can be adjusted automatically to capture the images of excellent quality. You can easily set various modes for flash, white balance, scenes and light for perfect pictures.

    You can as well edit your photos with the cameras photo editing software. The geo tagging feature helps you to keep track of the places where pictures were clicked. And you can instantly share your memorable moments with your loved ones by uploading images on sites like Ovi Share and Flickr.

    So just be ready to capture the world with the stylish and smart Nokia N86 camera.

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    Re: N86 8MP Review

    This is a really informative detail on N86 8MP from Nokia. Most of Nokia cell phones are truly great.

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    Re: N86 8MP Review

    wow. I want

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