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    I received my order for the P1+VGA converter kit on Friday and got to play with it over the weekend. I plugged in the battery and left it to charge, at first I wasn't sure how long it took to charge but after I think about 5 hours or so, the charging light went off so that's about how long it took I guess. I plugged it into my laptop running Vista-64 and the system instantly recognized it as a USB storage device so I was able to transfer files onto it without a hitch. Only thing is, I didn't have any video files, only MP3s so that's all I loaded onto it and played. The speakers leave something to be desired, but I guess it'll do for something so tiny.

    However, I was totally excited to see how clear the image was in a dark room and even though I was just watching the demo video, I was still pretty captivated with playing it, stock speakers and all :P

    Next came the VGA adapter. It's USB powered w/ VGA, Composite and S-cable inputs. I wasn't expecting this many attachments, but that's a good thing, I can now connect this projector to more devices than I originally thought I could but using it w/ my laptop, there was more ambient lighting thus reducing the picture quality so I think for the most part, I will use this unit alone in a dark room. I've made a new power setting on my laptop called "Projector" where the screen is dimmed all the way which does help.

    This is just a first drive review so as I share my life with this device, I'll keep updating for those of you who're interested in finding out more about this wonderful little toy.

    I tried to add some images to this post, but I guess I haven't posted enough to do that, hopefully I'll be able to get some pix up soon.

    See More: My Aaxatech P1 Review
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    Re: My Aaxatech P1 Review

    very nice

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    Re: My Aaxatech P1 Review

    looks freaky

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