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    Re: Motorola Droid Review

    Thanks for the review.
    I think i will buy it, because my old g1 is soooo slow =(

    See More: Motorola Droid Review

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    Re: Motorola Droid Review

    Motorola mobile phones having slim handsets then you should definitely select the Motorola handsets without any doubts.gadget comes with 1GB internal memory and a 2GB microSD card for expanding the memory space upto 32GB.
    Abner Tegnan is a professional writer.Focuses on various products comparison shopping - www.mobilejazz.co.uk

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    Re: Motorola Droid Review

    I really want this phone, but I am a little too cheap to get the $30/month data plan.

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    Re: Motorola Droid Review

    How can a bucket of does, or ewes for that matter, have bare knuckles?

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    Re: Motorola Droid Review

    This is one of the best phones released for verizon network. The touchscreen is amazingly accurate especially coming from the LG Voyager which touchscreen sucks in accuracy. So they really improved it when making this phone. Multi-tasking music player is also a plus when your on those bored days with nothing to do besides texting. Some things that need to be worked on are some of the glitches that the phone produces such as the phone restarting when doing something such as scrolling through text messages on the phone but you can fix this by resetting the phone which I found out on LG-Darecom. But I believe the restarting problems can be fixed in a firmware update. But the phone has alot of tricks and features which you might not figure out until a couple of days after you get the phone. I know LG made a site thats basically a picture manual for the LG Dare and it really helped learn the phone also.

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    Re: Motorola Droid Review

    great phone!!!!

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    Re: Motorola Droid Review


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    Re: Motorola Droid Review

    I returned my Droid to Verizon last weekend after 2 weeks of workarounds and frustration. My checkout bill was $397 including, case, car charger, screen protectors. $100 rebate offer brings the damage to only $297.

    Biggest issue is failure of this phone to support Bluetooth voice dialing. It just does not. Unless the Bluetooth device is capable of loading all your contacts - my car could do that not my headset.

    Oh and while we are talking about Bluetooth - DROID mysteriously decides to ignore a paired device for no reason. It does not do bluetooth nicely. After almost every call, I have to turn off and turn on the bluetooth (Aliph Jawbone Prime) and then sometimes (not always and not reliably) it will transfer a call to the headset.

    The Droid is so big - a headset is a must when talking on this paperweight.

    Email client is really weak - sets up OK but then mysteriously decides to stop polling for new messages - and there are no controls to handle scrolling of Inbox or switch to other folders. It does not do email well.

    It also does not do email attachments. Had a WMV file in a message - Droid does not support flash lite and the app I downloaded for WMV required a file but the email client would not let me access the attachment to download it to the SD card.

    Alarm clock - is really cheap - suprising for such a high end phone. Default app has 6 crummy ringtones you could find on a decades old cell phone. Why bother providing such a weak app by default. Notably, the APP market does have some nice Alarm apps though.

    The virtual keyboard has no scrolling capability - it has no way to scroll. I was told you have to touch the screen to move the cursor. This was extremely hard to do as I have large fingers! Also, when you are done entering something where is the Done or Enter key?

    How about that browser? It did not support my HTTPS sites. I was able to get a few sites with the Opera mini download but could never access my remote DVR programming site. I could do this even on a dumb phone before.

    Good thing I don't use Rhapsody because Droid does not support Rhapsody.

    Tried to use the Google map to find something - it found it fine (this IS a great app) - but when I asked to navigate all I got was a message saying - FINDING GPS. OK this could be related to a cloudy night but my old navigator program (VZ Navigator) never failed to locate GPS on my dumb phone. The turn by turn navigation voice is nice but not linked to bluetooth.

    The camera has a serious shutter delay and requires holding the phone in landscape orientation to get the best pictures. Portait works but uploads to facebook are sideways. The format 3gp of the videos required me to get a convert software before I was able to put videos on my digital frame. Engaging the camera with the gold side button was problematic - requires a firm long press and then a delay before the camera starts. Controls for the camera were difficult to locate and use.

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