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    I've seen a lot of threads that go OMG I NEED FONE GIVE SUGGEESTION KTKKKKK!!!OnEONEOENE!!! without giving any criterias or showing evidence of research

    For a first post, I'll spare the headaches to you guys.

    I need a new phone, specifically... a new phone that's a ringtone quality champ
    I only have 3 must-haves, they are:

    1. Able to have high quality *LOUD* ringtones. Something that can be heard a mile away and sound nice doing it =) When I mean with high quality is that the phone can output megatones/realsounds where you can actually tell what the singer is singing rather than some midi file
    2. "Hackable"... must be able to upload my own ringtones from my computer to the phone. I have somewhat extensive computer knowledge, it wouldn't take me too long to figure out how. I just need to make sure the phone has been cracked by programmers and can be manipulated.
    3. Good non-bluetooth wired headsets

    Nextel, Sprint, Cingular, T-Mobile or Verizon
    Phone can be opened(insides not stuck together), I'm a modder so I'd prob replace the phone's outsides with glass/aluminum/wood/whatever
    Cheap Phone, but can last a long time
    Good image quality color screen
    Can vibrate, I'm in school a lot
    Flip phone(Cause they look better modded)

    Dont care at all about:
    Games on phone(I'm definitely not going to play games on my phone)
    I dont have fat fingers, so I can deal with cramp numberpads
    Phone's sexyness/thin'ness (I'm going to change the outsides myself anyway)
    Video Camera
    Web capabilities
    Phone weight
    Long Battery Life

    If any kind souls can give me to a list of possible models, I would be forever grateful. Thank you, and I hope to upload pictures of my future phone mods.

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    Well, I'm pretty happy with my LG PM-225 through Sprint. I figured out how to make it play any bitrate mp3 by changing the extension, and it is loud. some songs i use for ringtones dont sound too hot if they have a lot of bass, but otherwise it's a pretty good phone. The color screen is clear, the camera takes ok pictures... as far as your other requirements, it is a flip but i don't know much about modding a phone.

    oh yeah, it was free with the 2 year contract.

    i make my own tones and wallpapers, and i send them through the uploader linked below in my sig. this does require Vision service for unlimited downloads.
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