There is a section on Cellphoneforums called ".Alt." I'm not really sure why these are there, all I ever saw in there was spam and scams. Today on my blog I received spam from a user named newhope88. This user used the very same Chinese manufacturer pitch that I saw spammed a million times over in the .Alt forum; Which I saw the First/Last time I checked out that area. I don't understand why this site keeps a spamming section where those users can spam those of us that are on the legitimate part of this site. That is like setting up a bank next to a prison, then being surprised when the criminals break in.

So why is there a part of this site where no mod's protect the users?
Doesn't it seem odd that if you give them complete permission to spam and rip people off in one section of the site, that it is going to spillover into other sections?

If you close your eyes and people get spammed and scammed, how is that okay? I was shocked to see that section there, but now that I have just started getting spammed from people there; I really don't see a need to have an area where criminals and spammers can play their games without anyone stopping them.

Why not just delete those areas? Or at the very least, remove the links? Then that section just goes away and people are safe. Why does CPF need a place for criminals? It's just weird that you have an entire section devoted to protecting people from scams, then other areas right next to those where people are being scammed as we speak at this very moment in time!!!!

Please deleted the .Alt areas! They are pointless.

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