Well, this is a bit of a history lesson but some cool and not only that...Strange news.

Sometime in April, the U.S. decided to "open" Cuba a little more. This is so the Cuban government doesn't end up down the toilet, even though the U.S. really isn't their friend. Since they're communist, we have ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with them, except Guantanamo Bay.

The hatred towards Cuba is slowly coming to an end as President Obama wishes to make peace conferences with Fidel Castro's brother (his name escapes me). Fidel Castro, the first (and only really) communist leader of Cuba, is ill now.

Well, along with the peace offerings, the U.S. economy is now able to slightly enter Cuba. This recent peace agreement allows U.S. owned businesses enter Cuba and have full operations.

Well, which companies do you think are interested? McDonald's is!

How about a wireless carrier? YES! Verizon Wireless has already began Cuban Marketing and expects to expand whenever the gate is completely opened. AT&T, Verizon's rival, also hopes to expand.

Just interesting info.


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