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    So today I got a message from my friends number, wrote back to find out what the hell she was on about, only to find out she wasnt the one who sent it (after a long awkward conversation).

    Turns out someone sent the message via nosender I checked it out and it let me change the from number to anything i wantedd!!! :S

    Dunno if this kind of stuff should be legall...

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    Re: I got an SMS from someone ELSES number?

    This is also a new thing for me to know, I really don't know how they are doing this but I think if the number is not official, it may be a fraud or something. But certainly thinking of it, it is a great service provided while sitting at home. You must check the WeNumber app on site to get 0300 numbers in an easy way. It's reliable or not and write another article on it.
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