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    Whats the Future of mobile devices and why people have only just started using them. Has the iPhone had an effect on the market place? Will watching TV on your phone become the future.

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    Re: Future of Mobile Devices

    The advancement of CELL PHONES is an endless ride... they have just scratch the surface with capabilities, stuff is there and were using, but its just the very beginning. I think the cell phone is, and will be a-do-all mobile device, and i think some capabilities are held back only because of money... i.e.TV, satellite radio.

    We kind of have it now, but not really, we will be able to watch ABC, NBC, Showtime, HBO, and watch them live just by turning on a channel. Radio will be no different than a radio in your car/home, just tune in a station and listen.

    I think as of right now, capabilities are held back because of money and infringements,
    thee iPhone 6

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