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According to the report of Myefox, although Mark Zuckerberg, founder and CEO of Facebook, Google uses the Core Values + and become looked up, Facebook users only allowed to display their ads on Google + Facebook.

Michael Lee Johnson, the Facebook user and the network operator, is that it is difficult to have the friends + Google on Facebook. He was NACA & # 233; ads on Facebook to ask their friends to add r & # 233; + Google network. But & # 233; obviously, Facebook is not that use their website for & # 233; establish r & # 233; network of communication in other locations.

By concéquent, Facebook closes their ads. For this, Michael Lee Johnson is angry, he launched the ads: Recently, I posted ads on Google + Facebook, but Facebook has removed all my ad- That's fine.

According to the report of Myefox, Mark Zuckerberg has already registered their

+ Google account, and become the Core Values which has the most fans.

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