One of the first things I noticed--and appreciated--about Google+ is the fact that there is no maximum length for the status update. Actually, I assume there is some maximum, but whatever it is it is longer than I need it seems. Twitter limits me to 140 character blurbs.

Facebook maxes at 420 character messages. Frequently, I find my thoughts running in the 500 character range, which is frustrating on Facebook because then I have to go back and edit my thoughts to fit the arbitrary maximum set by Facebook. Why 420? Why not 450, or 500? When I really have a lot to say and can't squeeze it down to 420 characters, I end up posting the initial message, then commenting on my own post to finish my thought.

When it comes to sharing photos, I like that Google+ loads the image when it is selected so I can verify that I chose the right image, and have an opportunity to see how it will be displayed before posting it to Google+. It also gives mean opportunity to edit the photo (rotating it to fix orientation issues), or add a caption, and lets me add additional photos before posting as well

Perhaps the most unique aspect of a Google+...
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