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    Internet has now evolved that it became part of our lifestyle nowadays. One of the biggest milestones that Internet made possible is communication. Before, Internet was just a channel to get information on the classic catalogue websites. But with Internet connection tapping on the communication side, it blew ever bigger. Using the Internet as a platform to connect to anyone from wherever they are around the world is much cheaper rather than dial a long distance call using a telephone. This actually was the first step on Internet revolution.

    On a business side, one of the next biggest elevations of Internet revolution is the process of doing business transactions online. One of which that emerged immensely is online shopping. Nowadays we can avail items that we want over the Internet wherever they may be. So assuming you want something that is unavailable on your country you can always avail it online. All you need to do is have a credit card or a Paypal account and pay a little extra for the shipping fee.

    Speaking of online shopping, it’s actually booming here in South East Asia. All thanks to Rocket Internet who ventured out by establishing a venture they called “Lazada” They are available in countries like Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand and Philippines. Lazada is actually an Amazon clone wherein they are an online shopping mall that caters to the country where they are based. This is actually an easier way to tap the local market and make sure that the service is delivered on an excellent level to customers. Customers can order at a Lazada venture where they are based like per say, in our country, the Philippines, and have it delivered easily to our homes since they only ship out the items within the country. Another thing is that people know that the company is based in the Philippines and can actually come to their main office should they have a problem that their customer service group can’t handle. Compared to when you order from an online store that is based outside our country. Filing the papers and other necessary due process in order to fight for your issue will require you to take an extra mile, an effort that is probably impossible to be resolved.

    I’ve actually bought already from Lazada Philippines since I’m a Filipino. What I like about Lazada is that they offer massive discounts to almost all of the items. It inevitable that their items are much cheaper since it doesn’t have any mall rent interest since it is available online, a medium that is free to access or view. Another thing I like about them is that they offer “Cash on Delivery” payment method option. Lazada doesn’t necessarily require me to pay on the spot right after I order their items on their website. Instead, I can have it paid once the item is delivered at my home once they hand over my order package to me. Best of all, they free delivery availability which is something not offered by some online stores.

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    Re: : Lazada Review: From Online Shopping to Free Delivery


    Ma tu vivi li, perche qui dall'italia non e' possibbile comprare su Lazada.

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