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    I am using Mag box 254 to watch the SKY UK channels, since I live abroad and can't sign up for an subscription with SKY UK.

    But now I would like a similar solution for my mobile phone, does anyone know something similar that I can use to watch sport UK channels?

    Edit: I have now found a very good Mag IPTV private server provider. I can recommend them.

    See More: Best IPTV provider for Mag box 254
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    Re: Best IPTV provider for Mag box 254

    try https:// smartview. live iptv service its support all mag box

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    Re: Best IPTV provider for Mag box 254

    And how it is good, the best one or most available what are the pro's and con's if to compare with others? I have tested several of them for the past years and never stop doing it because sooner or later they begin to lag, it’s like - the harder is the interface it’s more likely it will be bugged or cause troubles. When I started to read this article found out many others that are considered to be best this year. Some of them I tested and liked to the point of using all the time. But I did not stop. Thanks to that person who did it, because it is very useful, and free. This world gives some little good things.
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