It is the Illuminating Engineering Society of North America (IESNA) approved standard for measuring lumen maintenance of LED light sources. LM-80-08 apply to the LED package, array, or module alone, not a complete system, it is testing a component level. The standard does not provide guidance for extrapolation of testing results.
LM-80-08 testing should be performed by EPA recognized Laboratories. Only reports from recognized laboratories are relevant. This standard is used for Department Of Energy (DOE) ENERGY STAR program early qualification in conjunction with other reports. Most GREEN CREATIVE product use LED with available LM-80-08 test report from recognized laboratory.
The testing report issued according to a standard format will provide luminous flux for a given current over a 6,000 hours period with interval measurements. Luminous flux will be measure for 3 different LED case temperatures: 55ºC, 85ºC and a third temperature to be selected by manufacturer. Besides, the lumen maintenance, the chromaticity shifts over the measured period.
In CKRA, all of our LED fixtures can be provided with LM79 together with LM80 reports for our customer’s checking. It is good to know the chips performance,lifespan and other information.

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