1. Reduced energy consumption
Parking lots are usually a large portion of any property. Their potential to change energy usage is quite high. The first major benefit you will enjoy after switching to LED Parking Lot Lights is a huge reduction in overall energy consumption. LED parking lot lights consume less than 50% of the energy the traditional lighting consumes over a given period of time. For instance, a 150W LED fixture is equivalent to a 400W HID fixture. In simple terms, you will save 250 watts of energy while getting light of even higher quality. If you replace 10 such HID lights with LED lights, the difference is obvious.
2.Higher quality light
LED parking lot lights will provide a higher quality of light while consuming lesser amounts of energy than traditional parking lot lights. High quality lighting increases the value of property. Regardless of whether the parking lot is in a school, a shopping center, a commercial building, or even a public building, the people using the parking lot will really appreciate high quality lighting. This is easily achieved when you switch to LED lights since they create brighter and higher quality lighting that leaves few dark spots and fewer gaps in terms of coverage. The LED lighting therefore increases security in the parking lot as well.
3. Low operation and maintenance costs
Since LED parking lot lights rely on a highly efficient and effective lighting technology, the fixtures are maintained far lesser often compared to traditional parking lot lights. The LED parking lot lights can operate continuously for 50,000 to 100,000 hours without any degradation in the quality of light. Moreover, replacement is necessary after more than 2 years. All this translates to savings, both on labor and material costs.
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