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    Just a bit of advice for members. No REAL hacker will provide a gmail or clearnet email address. If they cannot provide answers to basic questions then they are scamming you. Feel free to contact me if you want to know what you should ask before contracting a hacker. I do NOT charge anything for questions, how toís and help. Never have and never will. If you need help, hit me up on here or ICQ, donít give your money to a scammer please. They catch you when your emotions are getting the best of you and your not thinking clearly. Itís unethical, itís stealing, donít do it please.

    See More: For those wanting a hacker READ FIRST

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    Re: For those wanting a hacker READ FIRST

    Thanks for sharing!

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    Re: For those wanting a hacker READ FIRST

    This is so true.. I just made a post where I wrote similar advice. Always ask for proof. A true hacker will let you see the process of your job if they are Genuine.
    And this is why I have been trying to point anyone who needs similar services to the right place; Dark Age Technology. They were the ones that helped me when other people ripped me off. Sad but true.
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