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    Text automatically translated from: German to: English
    Day People,
    I would like to have more success in the Net, and this was recommended to me several times SEO.
    Then I can some info on the Net will discover, among others I found here an article about it.
    However, many of the Infos were there so suddenly that I lost the Overview.

    Someone knows of you with SEO, and it may perhaps, be summed up in a few words?

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    Re: Who has experience with SEO?

    I think that first you need to make SEO friends design, site structure and only then start SEO promotion. I believe that for effective SEO promotion you need a good design, convenient site structure, fast page loading speed, a mobile version of the site and it is desirable to have an application for mobile. This will help you promote your site. Creating a good design and user friendly interface is quite difficult, so I recommend that you turn to professionals. For example, these guys can help you make a good design, besides they have marketing and social communications services.
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