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    Hello everyone. I will be leaving my home country soon and I need to be able to forward calls. Have SMS forwarded to my number? Does anyone use any kind of virtual phone number service? Any suggestions please for any toll-free number maybe?
    I will be gone for a good couple of months so I need a reliable service.

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    Re: Virtual phone number service

    I think I might be able to help, I know many people seem to have this question, quite commonly. There is a good solution. I was once in the middle of this same problem and I have a way out. Okay so look, it's simple - virtual phone numbers. I tried it and it worked better than I expected. Take it from me, I know all about these services. I have tried so many of them and so many were still "Robbing me" of my money, it's like there was no difference in paying for roaming charges or using a special service! You see I work at somewhat of a small company but we have to deal with a lot of customers. It happens so that I can't stay in one location in my field of work I have to travel while I stay in close contact with the customers and my employees. Obviously, we are most of the time in different countries. My wallet is sick and dry after paying for the roaming services and international phone calls charges. After using I could forget about all that money waste. Only thing I had to do was buy a virtual phone number and pick up a free business phone system. I could now easily transfer incoming calls to my employees anywhere in the world. Just so you know besides just big countries like America or Canada they have a huge selection of other local phone numbers for different countries. There you have my answer. Tell me what you think? Aside from my work I use it for my personal issues, making myself chat public in games for phone verifications. Use it for many games and authorizations and such, you name it. There are many more uses for a virtual phone number but it will take way too long to explain. Obviously, there is SMS forwarding too. I never had a real use for that though, mostly call forwarding.

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