Economic Reality(May 2016) Politcal Reality(August 2016) by Howard Marks and Paper titled 'Economic Reality meets Political Reality' January 30, 2019 @Oaktree Capital Managements, L.P.
Seven Types of Atheism (2018). ISBN 0241199417 Chapter 3 A Strange Faith In Science pages 66-70 'Transhumanism as Techno-monotheism'
Straw Dogs: Thoughts on Humans and Other Animals (2002). ISBN 1-86207-512-3 Chapter 4 Unsaved In a Phantomat page 144
The Immortalization Commission: Science and the Strange Quest to Cheat Death (2011). ISBN 978-1-84614-219-2 page 118 and 119 inset picture of H.G. Wells, Maxim Gorky and Moura Budberg and page 199-200 Stalin's show trials
'Miami Spice' by Micheal Kaplan about Manny Hernandez new book "CANDIDS MIAMI"(Wynwood Books) photo taking in Miami in the late 1990s
Book: X-MEN: GHOSTS ISBN# 978-0-7851-8449-2
Book: X-MEN: MUTANT MASSACRE ISBN# 978-0-7851-6741-9

I mean anything off the side of the road the garbage can stolen purchased library

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