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    DUNKIN DONUTS IN PATERSON 2 Church St Paterson, New Jersey Google Street View - Jul 2018!8i8192
    a 7-11 in London 41 The Oval Sidcup, England!8i8192 [eaglesaurus, space alien eaglesaurus, mooplasaurus, eagle muppetsuarus, zoolellen, SHIPPING]
    anykind not one or just any any type out of the garbage
    I like the Dunkin Donuts that was real strong found in the trash can with lots of milk. The other a starbuck black no sugar or milk and mixed with a dunkin donuts coffee that had light cream or milk.
    The other that cup a joe or you can type in greenbeanscoffee or Green Beans Coffee in the search engine real great coffee. 7-11 even though it is bland but has a charming taste it keeps me awake
    Again I was walking outside yesterday for my Sunday(Sunday, July 28, 2019) trash can heap to find my meal and saw three dee iced coffee warm coffee in plastic containers oh I thought it was great but there is one problem with it no SUGAR. How come they set coffee without any sugar even if you are a diabetic with all these
    never before seen street juggernauts and stuffanuffgus and redneck women around sugar in coffee like the milk or cream keeps your body insulated and keeps you fromreverting to odling times in case if someone hiding in the bushes through liquid brown snitches out. How come no sugar? The say the price of sugar
    as low as you can get $2 for 4 pounds of sugar ( The reason despite oil tankers getting intercepted sugar from India and Thalaind the next sugar exporters are producing huge surpluses and are forcing American sugar producers to lower the price constantly through the decade. Why would lower sugar makes a difference perhaps it creates
    an awkward political outcome making the right-wing seems more compatible abroad and the left as tough as ever creating a party with divisions and wings that believes in some type of magical society or if anything getting magical processes for things that doesn't work but once notice like signs saying EBT not working is a nudge they need to get
    G 7 INSTANT COFFEE 3 in 1 coffee TRUNG NGUYEN CORPORATION (Ho Chi Minh City)
    COFFEE the last 10 years or so I had paid more attention to what type of coffee I am drinking I usually go to 7-11 to buy my coffee it is more expensive or pick one doing the 1980s dog shuffle hustling around off the road with a Starbucks on it which is real good despite its questionable publicity. Sugar is little cheaper allow to look over and rember the haydays of coffee like cup a joe I am going to see if I can order a pack off their website greenbeanscoffee dot com you can pay through paypal I remember when they first open in Raleigh, NC back in 1992 [DUCKGALORE 1970 2070 ENZYME] taste real great. The other coffee is Dunk Donuts starting to mad hatter and hate fighting over that. The milk in that is real good. a quart of orange juice from panera 5F/6F

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    Re: What type of coffee or coffees do you like?

    j'adore le cappuccino

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    Re: What type of coffee or coffees do you like?

    I usually love drinking latte

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