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    I want to have the one but I'm worrying that they are too difficult animals for caring. Can you share with your experience please? Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Are there any rabbit owners?

    I had house rabbits growing up. They do require a lot of caring for, if you can put the time in they are great pets. Mine were as tame as dogs, loved strokes, cuddles, would follow me everywhere, came when you called there names, would do tricks etc...

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    Re: Are there any rabbit owners?

    I don’t have a rabbit and never had one, but was reading about what it takes to care for them. If you do your research, then you’ll find out all animals are pretty hard and costly to care for. Or maybe that’s just how it is for me. Depends on your resources (not limited to only financial ones).

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    Re: Are there any rabbit owners?

    It's difficult like in case of any other pets, if you're not ready for such responsibility, then don't become the rabbit owner. Because like other pets rabbits demand good food regularly, grooming, vet's monitoring and so on, and for example the last one can be really expensive so think about your budget for perspective too.
    From my own experience with these animals I can say that the key things for their care are providing enough space for them (because the large space is important for any rabbit, good food (fresh hay and greens will be the basic food for them but I agree with other replies, it's necessary to control the general amount of food which they eat daily), enrichment (because rabbits need mental stimulation, especially if you're planning to have only the one) and vet's monitoring (because of their instinct to hide any symptoms of illness).
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