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    The good personal hygiene habits include:
    washing the body often.
    washing hands with soap before preparing and/or eating food.
    During normal daily activities, such as working and playing, disease causing germs may get onto the hands and under the nails.

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    Re: What is personal health rules?

    Agree with you

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    Re: What is personal health rules?

    Unfortunately, only the rules of personal hygiene will not be able to make us healthy. the state of the human body depends on many factors. And to predict that suddenly there may be people can not. There are a lot of diseases in people who are connected with intimate life and about which you will not talk to friends over a cup of tea. It's too intimate. My friend's polyps of the urethra were found during the examination. There was a lot of climbing and hysterical. With such a diagnosis it was painful for her to go to the doctors. Not all clinics are successful in treating polyps. We were helped by bookinghealth. We found a clinic in Germany for urethral polyp treatment Now my friend is finishing treatment and feels great

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    Re: What is personal health rules?

    I guess the technology is really developing fast, and it is so good for your health. I think you can take some good and healthy supplements which you might use to live longer. For example, I like CBD oil a lot, and it helps me so much. What do you think about it?

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