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    Hi there,

    I am allergic to buses. Particularly KTEL. Don't ask me why, I'm wierd like that.

    My question is, does anyone have any recent experience that could give me any good estimates of the cost of the following journeys by taxi:

    Kalamata - Tripoli

    Tripoli - Corinth

    And this is a crazy request, do tell me, and tell me why.


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    Re: Cost of taxis for Peloponnese journeys

    You're unlikely to get answers to your original question if you want information based on experience.
    One of my coworkers recommended a private transfer with this company
    He's been using them for a while, on all the trips to Greece, and had a good experience all the times. We plan to use their services since we don't want to deal with bus and jet lag combo after a 10 hours long flight...

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    Re: Cost of taxis for Peloponnese journeys

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    Re: Cost of taxis for Peloponnese journeys

    Try to Google it

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