Hi. I'm new here in the forum. I'm working on a novel and need a few details about battery sizes that I can't find online.
In my story, I have a group of kids and a tour guide escaping a building through a dark tunnel. They have only one old flip phone (generic brand) to use as a flashlight. Naturally, the battery dies. Then a kid remembers he has a small camera, and they try to make the camera battery fit in the phone to make a call.

I've looked in my old cell phones and all the batteries are quite large. I've had two digital cameras, point and shoot style, and those batteries are much smaller.

My question for the forum is, does anybody know of any cameras and old cell phones that might have similar sized batteries? I'm trying to think of a way they can MacGyver something with a piece of foil or a gum wrapper.

Any ideas?

Thank you very much.

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